The story can be as much about Tony Dungy and his ministry as it can be about Michael Vick’s road to redemption. When Michael Vick was convicted years ago, few people would have seen this story coming. There was a time in Michael Vick’s life when even fewer people would have believed in him as a person or a football player. Many on the current “MV” bandwagon had given up on him. Tony Dungy was one of a few people in a million that cared whether or not Michael Vick would ever see life outside of his prison walls. And when I say “prison walls,” I mean figuratively as much as literally.  Tony cared about both. Away from the limelight and away from the cameras, Dungy subjected himself to full body scans, seemingly endless moments in prison waiting rooms, and vile prison conditions few truly understand – just to have conversations with a man whom most people would consider vile. That takes the character and commitment of an incredible man of God.

Is Michael Vick a Christian? I have no idea. I’ve never had a conversation with the man and if I did, who am I to judge his heart and his motives he has to act in the way he does.   Like many people, I think we’re all going to be a little surprised by who is and who is not “walking close to the Lord.” If we are going to dismiss a person for what the atrocities they’ve committed in their life, we’re going to have to start shortening our list of heroes if we are going to be completely honest. Would you care about someone like Michael Vick? Do you have a Michael Vick in your life? To use an over-used statement, but an effective one; What would Jesus do? To determine WWJD, you first have to determine what would He feel towards Michael Vick.