Bert Blyleven has waited 14 years for the news he received today. You’d think 3.701 strikeouts would be a no-brainer. Oh well, even no-brainer’s take time – sometimes. If 3,701 strikeouts wasn’t enough, one might think the 5-1 record in the post season with two World Series rings would do it!

After a narrow miss last year, Bert Blyleven wasn’t shy in saying voters finally got it right by sending him into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with Roberto Alomar.

And he didn’t shy away from talking about the Steroids Era.

All-Star sluggers Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire and Juan Gonzalez didn’t come close in Wednesday’s election.

“Guys cheated,” Blyleven, 59, said. “They cheated themselves and their teammates. The game of baseball is to be played clean.”

Blyleven was chosen on 79.7 percent of the ballots – it takes 75 percent from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to reach the shrine. The curveballer won 287 games, threw 60 shutouts and ranks fifth with 3,701 strikeouts.

“It’s been 14 years of praying and waiting,” Blyleven said. “And thank the baseball writers of America for, I’m going to say, finally getting it right.”

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