Who are the best players in baseball? Players who never fail? Players who don’t attack other players? Players without obsessive pride? Here are a few: Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Mariano Rivera, Christian Guzman, Matt Holiday, Jamie Moyer, Ryan Church, Lance Berkman.

They are so dominate. They believe in God.

Rivera is a devout Christian. During his childhood, neither he nor his family attended church, but after a born again experience in his early 20s, Rivera—and subsequently his parents—became religious. He maintains that God has a reason for everything that happens. Rivera has publicly said that he is going to be a Christian pastor when he retires from baseball. He is often reading the Bible in the Yankees clubhouse. He has payed for a church to be built in his home Town of Panama City. He is still caring about them after he is the best reliever in the game. He is truly invincible.

Albert Pujols has contributed to more donations than he has longballs. In 2006 his team one the World Series. He is an amazing christian, he always puts his family first. He has showed christian leadership and through him he has changed so many peoples lives.

Lance Berkman is the first baseman of the Houston Astros. He was raised in a christian home. A little after, he was swearing like a sailor, spending every night in a bar. When he reached his sophomore year in college he found guys at his school that were at the same level he was at, they started encouraging one another to get deeper with God.

Jamie Moyer is playing in Philliedelphia and has a foundation called the Moyer foundation. It helps children in severe distress, children without the money to pay for the healthcare. He has created camps that help children get comfort after the death of loved ones.Matt Holiday is an amazing Christian leader on his team, even in the hard times. Last season in the clubhouse you wouldn’t find any penthouses, playboys, or a maxim. They would read the Bible, car magazines, sports illustrated and the newspaper. Other team mates that took part in their weekly Bible study were  Todd Helton who is one of the most respected players of the game, Jamey Carrol, and Choo Freeman. They made it to the world series last year as a christian baseball team.Christian Guzman and Ryan Church have been holding their team to Christian morals. Once there was a player(name unknown) on the nationals that wanted to do batting practice instead of going to there weekly seminars but Ryan Church was firm and said no, your coming.

Josh Hamilton was into drugs; then he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and has fought his way back up to an all-star, and back up as a MVP candidate. He encourages you to do the same. Read John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believed in him would have everlasting life.”

To God Give the Glory!